About Nicole


I became a Certifield Health & Life Coach after my own journey of healing my adrenals, anxiety and depression. I have a passion in helping others suffering from anxiety, depression and adrenal issues, learn new ways of taking care of themselves, and get on the track of healing on many levels. Always promoting self-love and self-care.

Below is some more information on what I can do and what I can’t do.

What I can do

I can coach you on finding what foods fuel your body through the day

I can coach you on finding out why you sabotage yourself

I can coach you on making changes in you choices with food, exercise, and stress reduction

I can coach you on learning to love yourself

I can coach you on figuring out what your body needs to feel its best

I coach on helping you move forward

I can coach you on becoming a master of habit change

I can coach you with the expectation of knowing that 1% change today, leads to 1% change tomorrow and over time that adds up (change takes time)

I can coach you on forgiveness

I can hold you accountable for not following through with the action steps each week

I can give you the support you need to grow and make the positive changes in your life

I can stretch you to get outside your comfort zone and reach for something more than you thought imaginable.

I can give you tools to help with emotional eating, lose weight, gain energy

I encourage you to live from a place of self-love and self-respect

I do work with you and your doctor to help you implement changes your doctor is requesting

I do love coaching and helping others find the blocks in themselves that they didn’t believe they could break through, and seeing them break through the blocks (often without them realizing they did it)

I can suggest you seek other help if I feel we are not the right fit for each other

What I can’t do

I am NOT a psychiatrist, counselor, therapist, psychiatrist, doctor or anything in that field

I am not capable of coaching on mental illnesses

I am not able to prescribes medication

I do not coach on traumatized events in life

I don’t tell you what to do

I cannot make you open up

I cannot heal you

I cannot do the work for you (you have to do the work)

I cannot diagnose you

I cannot coach you on making changes you are not ready to make

I cannot make you do anything

I write this with hopes of giving you the understanding of what I, as a coach can and cant do. My passion is helping others gain a sense of learning more about themselves, learn what your body needs for maximizing its health, gaining energy, possibly losing weight, stopping the cycle of emotional eating, exploring new foods and options to help get your physical and mental body on the track of where you want it to be. Learning to believe in yourself and your capabilities one step at a time.